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What is a ceremony?

"Everyone has a story and our ceremonies and rituals are the props that give them depth and emotion"

The Power of Ceremony

When most of us think of ceremony we imagine it as a series of actions to mark an occasion or life event that are given a particular form and mode of expression. Whilst this is true, what is most powerful about ceremony is that which remains unseen.

When preparing to leave your youth, to have a child, to marry or to come to the end of your life, or to mark the changing of the seasons, a birthday or other significant life event, all of it is ceremony.

Ceremony begins with the setting of intentions, the way in which the visible elements are conceived, thought about, given language to and brought to expression. Ceremony is a process in which ones intentions are clarified and made manifest by paying particular attention to the quality of  the experience you take your guests on.

It is someone who will help you put a very special occasion together which you will remember fondly forever. Whether it’s a baby naming ceremony, a wedding, a funeral, civil partnership or a renewal of vows.  Some people also feel it’s important to mark other meaningful life events like a child’s transition into adulthood, moving house, a divorce or a big birthday.


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