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A Life Complete

It is an honour to be a part of the celebration of a loved one and hopefully make a difference, I want families to be educated in their choices and celebrate the life of their loved one in any manner they wish, and I'm here to assist in the faciliation of that process

To honour and celebrate the life of one who has passed away, with your input, I will create a ceremony which reflects on the deceased one's unique nature and the influence that he or she had on the lives of others. A ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values - religious or non-religious - of your loved one and your family. You have complete choice of and final approval over the ceremony. When someone dies no-one seems to know what to say.

My services would include:

  • Meeting with the family to discuss the form and content of the service, and to explain options. Or if time or distance does not allow this, communicating by phone, email or Facetime/Skype.

  • If you wish me to write the eulogy, I am happy to do this with input from you.

  • Writing a service which is appropriate, respectful and sensitive and which honours the deceased. 

  • All travel

  • Helping with ideas for readings and music if needed

  • Conducting that service according to the wishes of the bereaved

  • Supplying the family with a presentation copy of the service

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

A Life Well Lived

Why Wait?

We have all experienced death within our lifetime - be it a parent, child, friend or family member. Death is inevitable - but we continually avoid any mention of it especially when an older person shows sign of encroaching mortality.

Have you spoken to your family or friends on how you would want people to celebrate your life? Often it's easier to talk to a stranger than a loved one, who may be reluctant to discuss your death.

Planning and even pre-paying for your own funeral can ease the pressure on our loved ones significantly. And you get to farewell everyone in your own style! Preparing instructions beforehand could be left with your next of kin, your Funeral Director or solicitor so your wishes are carried out as you requested. If you knew when it was coming, would you do anything differently? Why wait? Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to say goodbye to your loved ones.

  • You can choose a venue you like

  • Pick your favourite music.

  • Choose your eulogist

  • Write your eulogy yourself if you feel like it.

  • Choose what you want to wear.

  • Cremation or burial?

  • Instead of flowers - Is there a favourite charity you would like people to contribute to?

  • Is there any personal messages for friends or family you would like to include?

I can assist you in preparing for your funeral and could include the following options:

  • a DVD of a photographic journey of your life

  • a video message for your family or life journey summary.

  • a bound copy of your life or some other style of presentation

Please contact me if you want further information or to organise to meet up at your home or a mutually acceptable location.

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