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Rites of Passage or Transition Ceremony

Rites of passage are the ceremonies and rituals that not only celebrate the individual and honour their growth, but also provide  the essential context and energetic "boost" from one phase of life to the next.. 

The concept of the rite of passage is also used to explore and describe various other milestones in an individual's life, for any marked transitional stage, when one's social status is altered.

Ceremonies nourish the soul and offer us a time to pause, to reflect, and to be inspired.  Ceremony and ritual can be a powerful opportunity to join with others, gathering energy to express joy or grief, reach acceptance, and embrace the ability to move forward in our lives.

There are many stages within our lives and in some we have confusion and a sense of isolation. Creating a ceremony that marks that stage will

  • Puberty (both male and female)

  • Coming of Age

  • Mother/Father ceremonies

  • Menopause

  • Retirement

  • Divorce

  • Significant birthdays

  • Citizenship

It is my pleasure to be able to advise, guide and assist you, to create a personal and meaningful ceremony for whatever occasion you wish to ritualize. It is my belief that sacred ceremony and ritual can give us access to timeless wisdom and facilitates the attainment of the sense that all beings are of value, in and of themselves.

It is significant that we embrace and celebrate those times in our lives so that our true age reflects 'a life lived fully with health, hope,  happiness, harmony, and humour'.

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