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Rituals and Symbolism - An artistic or cultural expression of your love.

There are many rituals that have been used from earlier times to now. I have listed below a few old and modern rituals. Some have cultural history and meaning as well as some fun and quirky rituals that could reflect the couple's personalities and interest. Each ritual can be used for a variety of ceremonies. The Unity Candle and Sand Ceremony have been used for weddings, naming days, rites of passage for example. Their purpose is set by you to visually enhance your ceremony intention.


  • Unity Candle. The two small candles symbolise that you are both entering your marriage as individuals and will not lose your identities, rather use your identities to create and strengthen your relationship of your marriage. The centre candle represents the union of your lives, your commitment to each other and to a lasting and loving marriage. You can light these candles on your anniversaries.

  • Unity Wine. The wine sharing ceremony is a delightful ceremony embracing traditions that began well  before the medieval period. Then, a bride and groom would celebrate their pledge to each  other by drinking wine from a single cup — one blood, one family and one kin.

  • Love Lock Ritual - Love Locks are a custom by which sweethearts lock padlocks together, and affix the keys to balloons which are released at the end of the ceremony. As your hearts are now joined together in love, so will these padlocks be locked together forever. These padlocks symbolize your love, it is secure, safe and protected. You can add a Balloon Release Ceremony - To symbolize the giving and receiving of their love for each other throughout their entire married life Robert and Leanne would like to end their ritual with the releasing of balloons. These balloons hold the keys from their Love Lock. 

  • Love Letter with Wine in locked box - some call it the 'Fight Box'. Opened on an anniversary or at the time of a 'Fight'.

  • Wishes tied to onto balloons. Flower girl to bring up the aisle for b/g to release. Or guests release them with a wish at end of ceremony.

  • The Rose Ceremony where the couple exchanges roses is lovely. But you can also present roses to the mothers.

  • Acknowledgement candle. To honour those family and friends that are unable to be present at your wedding.

  • Handfasting - As you hold each other in mutual support and love, your hands are joined and encircled with a ribbon proclaiming to the world that both of you have become one. The couple’s wrists are bound by a scarf, ribbons or a family heirloom. Several ribbons of varying colours can be used according to a couple's requirements.

  • Sand Ceremony. As the grains of sand in this vase can never be separated and poured again into your individual vases, so shall your union make you inseparatable as well. Sand ceremonies are particularly popular for beach weddings.

  • Pebble ceremony – each guests has a pebble – makes a wish for the couple and at end of ceremony drops it into a jar

  • Sky Lanterns. Origins trace to China and Thailand, spectacular sky lanterns are considered good luck to release them at dusk.

  • Blessing or Warming of rings from the guests.

  • Blessing and purification of the elements - acknowledging the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and their attributes.

  • The Four Directions (East, North, West and South). Asking for blessings from the four cardinal directions.

  • Medicine Wheel Ceremony

  • Blanket Ceremony

  • 3 Ring Exchange Ritual.

 What feels right for you? You can do a variation of a popular ritual and adapt to what has meaning for you for e.g. for one wedding I used the Handfasting Ritual by using Sand instead of ribbons for the vows.







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